• Joshua J. Skoczylis


This book is structured around two key elements: (1) a policy analysis of Prevent, and (2) a study of the policy’s implementation and impact in Maybury. The main body of the book is organised around the following research objectives as outlined in Chapter 1, which are to analyse and critique:
  1. a)

    the ideas which inform the Prevent policy (see Chapters 2 and 3);

  2. b)

    the tensions and conflicts which have arisen within the Prevent policy at national level, as well as the implications for local delivery (see Chapter 4);

  3. c)

    the tensions and conflicts which have arisen between organisations involved in the local implementation of Prevent, such as the police and local authorities, and to consider the implications for the delivery process (see Chapter 5); and

  4. d)

    the impact of counter-terrorism policing and prevention on local Muslim communities, and how they have shaped both community perceptions and willingness to engage with authorities in counterterrorism policing and the Prevent agenda, while considering the wider implications for Prevent and Pursue (see Chapter 6).



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