Prevent and Its Local Professional Delivery

  • Joshua J. Skoczylis


The previous chapters examined the national Prevent framework, its aims and scope, its setup, and the conflicts and tensions that arise at national level. This chapter outlines how the national Prevent policy has been implemented in Maybury, the pseudonym given to the case study area in the north of England. This chapter examines the governance and organisational structure between 2007 and 2012, and discusses the impact of the 2011 Prevent Review. Maybury’s local authorities have been involved in the Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) pilot since 2006, and in Prevent since 2007 (Maybury Council, Report on Preventing Violent Extremism in Maybury, 2009). In 2011, the Prevent Review designated Maybury a priority area, and the local authorities there continued to receive Prevent funding (HM Government, 2011). One fifth of Maybury’s population is Muslim with South Asian heritage. This case study relies on the data gathered from 20 interviews with local professionals such as senior managers of the local authority, senior police officers, front-line council staff, police, and voluntary and private sector professionals involved in delivering Prevent (see Appendix for details).


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