Is CONTEST Innovative? Counter-Terrorism and Prevent

  • Joshua J. Skoczylis


The first part of this chapter is a policy analysis of Prevent. It is based on academic literature that is already available, and publicly available policy documents including the CONTEST strategy and the Prevent Review. The literature and policy analysis is complemented in Chapter 5 by new data from interviews with national politicians and policymakers. The thesis asserts that CONTEST is an innovative counter-terrorism strategy because of its comprehensive nature, which is primarily achieved through the inclusion of Prevent, thereby providing the UK with a broader strategy to tackle radicalisation and terrorism. Prevent, however, must be seen in the wider context of the CONTEST strategy, of which it forms an integral part. Key to CONTEST are its four Ps: Pursue, Prevent, Prepare, and Protect. Traditional counter-terrorism activities have focused on the work of law enforcement agencies such as the police, the security services and, in Northern Ireland, the military. This aspect of counter-terrorism, led by the police and security services, is now amalgamated under the umbrella of Pursue, which as the name suggests focuses on pursuing, disrupting and prosecuting individuals and organisations involved in terrorism-related activities (HM Government, 2011a).


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