The National Politics of Museums

  • Clive Gray
Part of the New Directions in Cultural Policy Research book series


Chapter 2 focused primarily on the difficulties of creating an internationally agreed arena within which common questions about museums could be debated and commonly acceptable solutions to these questions could be found. Inevitably this involved discussion not of the actual questions themselves but, instead, of the complex nature of the structures and processes that underpin the search for international agreement in the museums sector. If nothing else the chapter demonstrated that the international politics of museums and the museums sector are largely associated with a host of issues and problems that are not specifically concerned with the functioning of museums themselves but, rather, with much more far-reaching matters, such as post-colonialism, globalisation and community recognition. Apart from those areas of museum functioning that are dominated by professional interests based upon largely technical ideas about appropriate behaviour and practice, this has meant that it has proved difficult to establish much in the way of effective guidance or agreement about what museums should be doing, how they should be doing it, and what purposes might be seen to be worthwhile ones for museums to pursue.


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