Analysis and Findings of the Study

  • Tarak Nath Sahu


In this chapter we analyze the data collected on the variables pertaining to our research problem. We first discuss the basic characteristics of the variables in terms of their means, medians, standard deviations, skewness, kurtosis, and Jarque-Bera test statistic. All these measures give us a comprehensive idea about the probability distribution of these variables. After that, we examine the other important properties of the data, namely, stationarity and order of integration. Finally, we examine the relationship between the dependent and independent variables, using bivariate and multivariate analyses. The main objective behind carrying out these statistical and econometric investigations is to find out the nature and degree of the relationship between the Indian stock price, on one hand, and the macroeconomic variables, on the other, with a high degree of precision, such that our findings become meaningful and generalizations made on the basis of our findings become convincing and acceptable. This chapter is organized as follows:


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