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  • Cristian Niţoiu
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Foreign policy analysts have been keen to recognize a major difficulty in the fact that it is hard to find or locate linkages between media activity and policymaking (Gitlin, 2003; Gilboa, 2005). In this book, findings are based on congruencies and inferences between data gathered from various sources and analyzed with multiple methods—pointing toward methodological pluralism. On the other hand, research inquiring into the influence of the media over foreign policy which employs data from interviews is plagued by two shortcomings. Firstly, it is hard to determine the actual importance that policymakers allocate to the influence of the media or the role of democratic legitimacy. Secondly, policymakers may find it difficult to measure the precise impact that the media had on their decisions. More generally, policymakers tend to over- or underestimate the impact of the media in relation to particular events, in this way providing a distorted view (Robinson, 2002, p. 18).


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