The Contested District: Lower Mainland Police Work in Context

  • Chris Giacomantonio
Part of the Transnational Crime, Crime Control and Security book series


The structure of public policing in any district is normally subject to and a result of local social conditions, histories, institutional arrangements, political influence, and to one degree or another, happenstance and luck or misfortune as the case may have it (Bayley 1992; Willis and Mastrofski 2011). The organization of most Anglo-American public police forces can also be located in a national or international context of common practice or ‘best practices’ (ibid,; see also Manning 2005; Wood 2007). The public police in the Lower Mainland have certainly been subject to conditioning pressures at the local level, but the policing arrangements found therein cannot easily be located within the standard picture of Canadian police practice nor within some internationally dominant institutional form of police-force structure.


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