Lines of Flight: Survival Media

  • Suvendrini Perera
Part of the Mobility & Politics book series (MPP)


Chapter 1 develops the concept of survival media in the context of people on the move. Survival media encompass the embodied and expressive movements of survivors and refugees of the war and the practices and narratives, artefacts and apparatuses that constitute their flights, forced and free. Survival media include the spaces and geographies produced by refugee bodies moving over land and sea, the cultural forms they mobilise (testimonies, slogans and protests, media statements, hip-hop, poems, stories, and performances), as well as the affiliations and interconnections they engender and the new subjectivities and citizenships, social ecologies and transnational politics and poetics they bring into play.


Jaya Lestari poetics of survival refugee poetics Yaguine Koïta and Fodé Tounkara 


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