Introduction—Lethal Imaginaries of Nationalism: A Brief History in Checkpoints

  • Suvendrini Perera
Part of the Mobility & Politics book series (MPP)


This is a brief introduction to ethnic biopolitics in Sri Lanka from the immediate postindependence period to the end of the war. It tracks the ethnicization of everyday life, social space and the body and suggests that ideologies of Sinhala supremacism underpinned both the socialist and neoliberal policies adopted by successive postindependence governments. It discusses the reactive nature of the Tamil separatist nationalism that emerged as the counterpart to Sinhala majoritarianism in its the various phases and the formations of Tamil diaspora nationalisms.


ethnic biopolitics Black July ‘development’ and retrogressive history in the postcolonial nation diasporic subjects enumerated communities in Lanka Sinhala supremacism Tamil diaspora 


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