Great Leaders Are Accessible and Constantly Build a Relationship with Their Assistant

  • Jan Jones


I find the current trend for executives and their assistants to spend less and less time communicating one-on-one, troubling. If they are not taking time to do this, how will they get to know each other? How will they build trust, rapport, and understanding? How will the assistant know with complete certainty what decision an executive would make about an issue? How will the executive know beyond any doubt that they can trust the decisions the assistant is making on their behalf? You have to start the relationship by spending time together so that you have a good comfort level with each other’s thinking, each other’s personality, each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Face to face interaction allows the assistant to quickly come up to speed and get answers in real time. The boss can provide immediate feedback, and the assistant will be confident moving forward in the job even when the boss is not around. In addition, the assistant will learn from the boss’ body language, which often provides more insight into a person than words ever could.


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