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The scene is a disheveled office in the Los Angeles Police Department. Deckard has been hauled in by Gaff after being informed that Capt. Bryant wants to see him. As Deckard enters Bryant’s office it is clear that the two men know each other well. After Bryant explains why he needs Deckard’s help, and fails with flattery to persuade him to come out of retirement to ‘air out’ the trespassing replicants, Deckard tells him in no uncertain terms that he wants no part of it: ‘I was quit when I come in here, Bryant, I’m twice as quit now.’ His attempted departure is interrupted:

Bryant: Stop right where you are. You know the score, pal. If you’re not cop, you’re little people.

Deckard: No choice, huh?

Bryant: No choice, pal.

With that matter firmly settled, Deckard turns to the task of locating and retiring the trespassing replicants. We do not witness any further explicit threats from Bryant. Gaff’s close sur-veillance no doubt is intended to remind Deckard that his com-pliance is being carefully monitored. Perhaps it is unnecessary. Apart from his unwillingness to take on the additional task of retiring Rachael, he never shows the slightest hesitation in carrying out Bryant’s order. Under the circumstances what else can he do? After all, as he and Bryant agree, he has no choice.


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