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Situating SlutWalk

  • Kaitlynn Mendes


In 2011, amidst a range of other global protests such as the Spanish Indignados, the Occupy Movement, and the Arab Spring, news began to emerge about a string of SlutWalk marches, held initially in Canada, and then spreading to the US, UK, Australia, Europe, South and Central Americas and Asia. Although the next two chapters will focus on representations of what SlutWalk is, this chapter begins by examining where and when it was represented as taking place, as well as the style in which it was covered. For example, were only local SlutWalks discussed, or was part of the movement’s appeal its international spread? During what phase of SlutWalk’s cycle was the movement reported — in its planning stages, the march itself, or in its aftermath? Was the movement reported via traditional ‘hard’ news formats, or were ‘softer’ genres such as columns and features more common? And in what ways might these formats have impacted upon people’s engagement with, and understanding of the movement?


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