Legacy of Terror

  • Kisam Kim
  • Donald Kirk


The skies were a shade of steel grey as snowfall blanketed Pyongyang on December 28, 2011, the day of the funeral for Kim Jong-il. North Korean state television carried images shown around the world of crowds of people ignoring the freezing cold as the flakes fluttered down, weeping and wailing incessantly for the panning cameras. Soldiers goose-stepped in long rows and then bowed in silent tribute. Kim Jong-un, walking slowly beside the hearse bearing his father’s flag-draped coffin on top, his left hand resting on the right front fender of the black 1970s-era Lincoln Continental, dramatized his place as the new dynastic leader. Behind him was Jang Song-taek, primed to make sure the young heir made no mistakes while carrying on the legacy of his father and grandfather, to whom he bore a distinct physical likeness.


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