Easily the Winner

  • Kisam Kim
  • Donald Kirk


Kim Han-jung, in an article in Monthly JoongAng, recalled the moment:

At 6 p.m., October 13, 2000, I was in the official residence in the Blue House, the inner sanctum of the President, watching the hourly news on CNN. It was an unforgettable day for me. I was in an extremely impatient mood. My heart froze when I saw Gunnar Berge appear at the Nobel Institute to make an announcement. When I heard “Kim Dae Jung,” I rushed into the inner room to find the two dearly beloved, President Kim (and wife, Lee Hee-ho). They were sitting like defendants awaiting the verdict. I said, “Congratulations, Mr. President.” My voice was shaking in spite of myself … They burst into smiles. I may not forget the radiant smiles on their faces for a long time.1


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