Introduction: Good Government and Development in Africa

  • Maria Gustavson
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Although some African countries have experienced significant development and a general reduction in poverty, the overall development in Sub-Saharan Africa has been poorer than the rest of the world.1 The 2010 Human Development Report illustrates how the Sub-Saharan Africa region demonstrates the lowest figures for human development in the world, across various dimensions (UNDP 2010). Rates of growth have generally been lower and income inequality higher, as well as improvements in life expectancy, literacy and general poverty reduction generally has been lower in Africa than in other regions in the world (Englebert 2000; Van de Walle 2009). Many scholars today argue that the reason for this development is a consequence of the low quality of public institutions in many African countries (cf. Acemoglu, Johnson and Robinson 2001; 2003; Bigsten and Durevall 2004; Diamond 2004; Rodrik, Subramanian and Trebbi 2004; Van de Walle 2009; World Bank 1989; 1997; 2005).


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