International Advances in Foot and Ankle Surgery

pp 37-43

Hallux Rigidus: The Valenti Arthroplasty

  • John F. GradyAffiliated withDepartment of Surgery, Foot and Ankle Institute of Illinois Email author 
  • , Audra M. SmithAffiliated withDepartment of Podiatry, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
  • , Yelena BoumendjelAffiliated withDepartment of Podiatry, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
  • , Amol SaxenaAffiliated withDepartment of Sports Medicine, PAFMG-Palo Alto Division

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Surgical treatments reported in literature for the treatment of hallux rigidus include implant arthroplasty, cheilectomy, various osteotomies (i.e., Hohmann, Regnauld/enclavement, plantarflexory), non-implant arthroplasty (i.e., Keller-Brandes, Mayo-Hueter), and arthrodesis.1-15 The original Valenti procedure, described at the Hershey, Pennsylvania Surgical Seminar in 1987, was a dorsally biased joint resection arthroplasty of the first metatarsophalangeal joint in a V-type fashion. Valente Valenti (personal communication) had performed his procedure on more than 600 patients since 1976, with great success. More than 90% demonstrated improved and pain-free range of motion. A modification of the Valenti procedure for treatment of hallux rigidus is presented, which ­preserves the joint for greater stability, and allows future revision to arthrodesis or implant arthroplasty if necessary.