Life History of Ovarian Endometriomas

  • Ronald E. Batt


In a powerful opening statement, Sampson compared the prevalence at operation of “the pathologic conditions arising from the implantations of epithelium which escape from the fallopian tubes into the peritoneal cavity” as second in prevalence only to leiomyomas of the uterus in women between the age of 30 years and menopause.1 Here in the short span of only 2 years after Cullen’s last major publication, Sampson spoke of pelvic adenomas and ovarian hematomas of endometrial type as a common disease entity of women in their fourth and fifth decades. He clarified new terminology used in the title of this paper. “I have discarded the term ‘perforating hemorrhagic cysts’ as applied to this condition, because perforations may occur in other varieties of ovarian hematomas. I now refer to them as hematomas or hemorrhagic cysts of endometrial (müllerian) type.”2


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