More Advanced VoiceXML

  • Michael F. McTear


In Chapter 9 the basic elements of VoiceXML were introduced. This chapter examines some more advanced aspects, such as mixed-initiative dialogue and the generation of dynamic VoiceXML in Web server applications. Some important aspects of VoiceXML are explained, such as the Form Interpretation Algorithm (FIA), the structure and use of recognition grammars, and the issue of scope in relation to variables and grammars. This chapter consists of the following tutorials:
  • Tutorial 1: Mixed-initiative dialogue.

  • Tutorial 2: The Form Interpretation Algorithm (FIA).

  • Tutorial 3: Recognition grammars.

  • Tutorial 4: Variable and grammar scope.

  • Tutorial 5: Dynamic VoiceXML and Web Server Applications.

  • Tutorial 6: Dynamic grammars.


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