Multi-Resolution Geometric Analysis for Data in High Dimensions

  • Guangliang Chen
  • Anna V. Little
  • Mauro MaggioniEmail author
Part of the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis book series (ANHA)


Large data sets arise in a wide variety of applications and are often modeled as samples from a probability distribution in high-dimensional space. It is sometimes assumed that the support of such probability distribution is well approximated by a set of low intrinsic dimension, perhaps even a low-dimensional smooth manifold. Samples are often corrupted by high-dimensional noise. We are interested in developing tools for studying the geometry of such high-dimensional data sets. In particular, we present here a multiscale transform that maps high-dimensional data as above to a set of multiscale coefficients that are compressible/sparse under suitable assumptions on the data. We think of this as a geometric counterpart to multi-resolution analysis in wavelet theory: whereas wavelets map a signal (typically low dimensional, such as a one-dimensional time series or a two-dimensional image) to a set of multiscale coefficients, the geometric wavelets discussed here map points in a high-dimensional point cloud to a multiscale set of coefficients. The geometric multi-resolution analysis (GMRA) we construct depends on the support of the probability distribution, and in this sense it fits with the paradigm of dictionary learning or data-adaptive representations, albeit the type of representation we construct is in fact mildly nonlinear, as opposed to standard linear representations. Finally, we apply the transform to a set of synthetic and real-world data sets.


Multiscale analysis Geometric analysis High-dimensional data Covariance matrix estimation 



The authors thank E. Monson for useful discussions. AVL was partially supported by NSF and ONR. GC was partially supported by DARPA, ONR, NSF CCF, and NSF/DHS FODAVA program. MM is grateful for partial support from DARPA, NSF, ONR, and the Sloan Foundation.


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  • Anna V. Little
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  • Mauro Maggioni
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