The publisher regrets that the second figure in Chapter 72 has a labeling error. The correct version of Figure 72.2 follows.

Fig. 72.2
figure 2_72

Protein composition of bovine milk. Bovine milk contains about 3.3% protein. The two major fractions of milk proteins are casein and whey protein, which comprise about 80% and 20% of the total milk proteins. Casein and whey protein are divided into other components. During cheese making, the enzyme chymosin breaks down κ-casein into para-κ-casein and caseinomacropeptide. The latter is water-soluble and becomes part of the whey fraction (Adapted from Walstra et al. 2006, with permission. ∼ = approximately; α = alpha; β = beta; γ = gamma; κ = kappa)