Optimization and Optimal Control

Volume 39 of the series Springer Optimization and Its Applications pp 121-137


General Quadratic Programming and Its Applications in Response Surface Analysis

  • Rentsen EnkhbatAffiliated withDepartment of Mathematics, School of Economics Studies, National University of Mongolia Email author 
  • , Yadam BazarsadAffiliated withDepartment of Econometrics, School of Computer Science and Management, Mongolian University of Science and Technology

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In this chapter, we consider the response surface problems that are formulated as the general quadratic programming. The general quadratic programming is split into convex quadratic maximization, convex quadratic minimization, and indefinite quadratic programming. Based on optimality conditions, we propose finite algorithms for solving those problems. As application, some real practical problems arising in the response surface, one of the main part of design of experiment, have been solved numerically by the algorithms.


concave programming quadratic programming global optimization response surface problems