Controlled Magnetoelectronic Devices

  • Alexander A. Ignatiev
Our theoretical and experimental research has allowed the following requirements to be formulated:
  • To ferrite materials and film structures and methods of their control

  • To magnetic systems on the basis of high-power-consuming rare-earth (RE) alloys

  • To converters on the basis of waveguide and strip lines for excitation and reception of waves in multilayered dissipative structures

  • To transmission line on the basis of ferrite films

Parameters of the designed operated devices of low and high power levels in the millimeter range are discussed.

Radiophysical Aspects of Millimeter-Range Magnetoelectronics

Let's consider the basic scientific problems which development has been directed on the design of magnetoelectronics devices of the millimeter range of radiowaves.

Promotion of fundamental and applied research into the field of MMR magneto-electronics requires solution of the following questions:
  • Choice of a working material

  • Induction of the highest achievable external magnetic fields within...


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