Complex Lie Groups

  • Joachim HilgertEmail author
  • Karl-Hermann Neeb
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In this chapter, we discuss complex Lie groups. Since we did not go into the theory of complex manifolds, we do this in a quite pedestrian fashion, but this will be enough for our purposes which are of a group theoretic nature. In particular, we define a complex Lie group as a real Lie group G whose Lie algebra \(\mathop {\bf L{}}\nolimits (G)\) is a complex Lie algebra and for which the adjoint representation maps into the group \(\mathop {\rm Aut}\nolimits _{{\mathbb{C}}}(\mathop {\bf L{}}\nolimits (G))\) of complex linear automorphisms of \(\mathop {\bf L{}}\nolimits (G)\) (the latter condition is automatically satisfied if G is connected). One can show that this is equivalent to G carrying the structure of a complex manifold such that the group operations are holomorphic, but we shall never need this additional structure.


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