Grid Middleware and Services

pp 95-104

Sub-contracts: Delegating Contracts for Resource Discovery

  • Javier Bustos-JimenezAffiliated withEscuela de Ingenieria Informatica, Universidad Diego Portales
  • , Cristian VarasAffiliated withEscuela de Ingenieria Informatica, Universidad Diego Portales
  • , Jose PiquerAffiliated withDepartamento de Ciencias de la Computacion, Universidad de Chile

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Grid Computing promised to present a large number of resources distributed on a world-area network, ready to be used by a single user: that promise is true. Now, the problem has moved to the user side, because a normal user normally knows at most only his organization’s resources, and those numbers of resources are often not enough for his purposes. Defining a Virtual Organization (VO) as a set of scientific resources, processors, clusters and Grids which are available to the user, we study the problem of resource discovery for VOs in a distributed approach. Viewing a VO-to-VO network as a Peer-to-Peer network, we present our solution based on the use of contracts to perform the query and assignment, delegating contracts if the query cannot be fully handled. We first present a blind scheme of delegation (that is, without knowing of neighbors’ resource availability), evaluating it by simulations, and showing that it is not necessary to delegate the query to all neighbors to handle it. Then, a scheme knowing only direct neighbors which uses the blind scheme is presented. Finally, we will give recommendations and extensions of our scheme to improve the resource discovery process.


Grid resource discovery contracts delegation