Adolescent Obesity

  • Stephen B. Sondike


A 14-year-old girl presents to your office for an annual physical. On reviewing the growth charts, while you notice she has always been on the higher end of the weight curve, she seems to have gained quite a bit of weight in the last year. She appears grouchy and unhappy to be at the doctor’s office. On review of systems, she reports irregular periods, low back pain, and constipation. You ask the mom, also overweight if they have addressed her weight. The mother responds that she doesn’t understand why her daughter is so heavy because the girl doesn’t eat that much, and she wants her thyroid checked. You ask the mother to leave the room and promise confidentiality, where the girl reports she is trying to lose weight and occasionally makes herself throw up. She’s also taken her friends diet pills, but nothing seems to help. She does not participate in any activities and spends most of her leisure time on the Internet talking to friends. On physical exam, her height is 50th...


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Glycemic Index Ketogenic Diet Excessive Weight Gain Acanthosis Nigricans 
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