Metadata Application Profile for Agricultural Learning Resources

  • Hilke StuempelEmail author
  • Gauri SalokheEmail author
  • Anne AubertEmail author
  • Johannes KeizerEmail author
  • Andrew NadeauEmail author
  • Stephen KatzEmail author
  • Stephen RudgardEmail author

Capacity and institution building is a core function of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO). FAO has recently started the “Capacity and Institution Building Portal” to provide structured access to information on FAO's capacity and institution building services and learning resources. To ensure that the Portal can be searched by users and to enable interoperability with other recognized educational repositories, an ApplicationProfile (AP) was created conforming to available and commonly used standards, to describe agricultural learning resources. This article presents the AP, provides an example of an FAO learning resource described and displayed using FAO Learning Resource AP, and presents the lessons learned.


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