Analysis of Virtual Reality Technology Applications in Agriculture

  • Hailin Li
Part of the The International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 258)

Agricultural information technology, especially virtual reality (VR) technology, will act the important roles in agricultural modernization and realm. Computer science and IT are both playing important roles in the development of agriculture and rural areas of the world. Combining agriculture science with IT and VR, the virtual agriculture technology explored new ways of studying and applying agriculture information technology. On the basis of concept of virtual agriculture given, the composition, application range and development direction of virtual agriculture were analyzed. On basis of above mentioned, the architecture of virtual crops which is a typical application of virtual agriculture was analyzed and studied, and the model of virtual crops was modeled using plant three-dimensional rebuild technique. It can improve the applications of VR in agriculture fields and advance the process of agricultural modernization.


VR virtual agriculture virtual crops architecture model 


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  • Hailin Li
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