Applications of prediction models

  • E.W. Steyerberg
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In this chapter, we consider several areas of application of prediction models in public health, clinical practice, and medical research. We use several small case studies for illustration.

2.1 Applications: Medical Practice and Research

Broadly speaking, prediction models are valuable for medical practice and for research purposes (Table 2.1). In public health, prediction models may help to target preventive interventions to subjects at relatively high risk of having or developing a disease. In clinical practice, prediction models may inform patients and their treating physicians on the probability of a diagnosis or a prognostic outcome. Prognostic estimates may for example be useful for planning of remaining life-time in terminal disease; or give hope for recovery if a good prognosis is expected after an acute event such as a stroke. Classification of a patient according to his/her risk may also be useful for communication among physicians. A key condition for this type...


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