Decentralization of Decision-making


Through the decade of the 1970s there was a sharp increase in the range and complexity of issues required to be addressed in the urban transportation planning process. The combination of requirements and regulations had become burdensome and counter-productive. Organizations and techniques seemed unable to adapt with sufficient speed. It was becoming impossible to analyze all of the trade-offs that were required. This problem was not confined to urban transportation but to most activities in which the federal government was involved. It ushered in a new mood in the nation to decentralize control and authority, and to reduce federal intrusion into local decision-making (Weiner, 1983).

President Reagan’s Memorandum on Regulations

On 29 January 1981, President Reagan sent a memorandum to all major domestic agencies to postpone the implementation of all regulations that were to take effect within the coming 60 days (Reagan, 1981b). This was to provide time for the newly appointed Task...


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