Preoperative Staging of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

  • Eric Pontey
  • Frederick L. Greene
  • Gamal Mostafa
  • Anand Patel

Surgery offers the primary hope of cure in operable pancreatic cancer. Because of the morbidity associated with surgical resection, accurate preoperative staging to determine operability is of primary importance. New protocols involving neoadjuvant therapy followed by surgery may provide an alternative if resection for cure is deemed not to be feasible. This chapter explores options for preoperative staging of pancreatic adenocarcinoma.


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  • Frederick L. Greene
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  • Gamal Mostafa
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  • Anand Patel
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  2. 2.Division of SurgeryCarolinas Medical CenterCharlotteUSA
  3. 3.Acute Care Surgical Service, Department of SurgeryCarolinas Medical CenterCharlotteUSA
  4. 4.Cardiothoracic SurgeryUniversity of PittsburghPittsburghUSA

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