Esophageal Carcinoma

  • Paul B. Tessmann
  • Michael Kent
  • James Luketich
  • Satoshi Yamamoto
  • Katsunobu Kawahara
  • Takayuki Shirakusa
  • Akira Tangoku
  • Junichi Seike
  • Junto Honda
  • Takahiro Yoshida
  • Atsushi Umemoto

Before advanced minimal access techniques were developed, surgery for esophageal carcinoma required either a transthoracic approach or a transhiatal approach. Both had advantages and disadvantages. Currently, there are several minimal access approaches that can be used for surgical resection of esophageal malignancies. Robotic surgery, not included in this manual, is also being applied. This chapter explores several alternative approaches that may be used to resect esophageal carcinoma for potential cure.


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