The Normal Salivary Gland Aspirate

  • William C. Faquin
  • Celeste N. Powers
Part of the Essentials in Cytopathology Series book series (EICP, volume 5)

Using the algorithm (Fig. 4.1), specimens of normal salivary gland tissue and its mimics should meet minimal specimen adequacy requirements and be composed of a predominance of benign acinar cells and occasional other normal salivary gland elements. Depending upon the nature of the underlying lesion, aspirates of normal salivary gland tissue and its mimics are usually mildly to moderately cellular. Features suggestive of a neoplasm, cyst, or inflammatory lesion are absent (Fig. 4.1). Using this approach, both normal salivary glands as well as a variety of pathologic entities are included in the differential diagnosis. Beware: sampling error is one of the more common causes of an aspirate of normal salivary gland tissue!


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