Mini-incision Shoulder Arthroplasty

  • Sara L. Edwards
  • Theodore A. Blaine
  • John-Erik Bell
  • Louis U. BiglianiEmail author


Minimal disruption of soft tissue and a potential for a faster recovery are very attractive benefits of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). MIS, however, must meet the same standards and offer the same successful outcomes as traditional operations performed through larger skin incisions. While mini-incision hip and knee replacement surgery have become accepted techniques, there are no reports to date on mini-incision shoulder arthroplasty (MISA). The goals of MISA are to decrease trauma to surrounding soft tissues, accelerate postoperative rehabilitation, and decrease operative blood loss and complications. Currently, there are two techniques available to achieve the necessary exposure to perform MISA: (1) a concealed axillary incision or (2) a mini-deltopectoral incision. The use of these techniques is based upon the pathology, the severity of disease, the instrumentation, and the surgeon’s experience.


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  • John-Erik Bell
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  • Louis U. Bigliani
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