Mini-incision Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

  • Bradford O. ParsonsEmail author
  • Matthew L. Ramsey


Rupture of the biceps tendon from its distal insertion has historically been considered a rare injury, and early management was mainly nonoperative, with early reports citing satisfactory results.1 However, more recent literature has recognized the persistent deficits of supination strength and endurance, and to a lesser degree flexion, in active high-demand patients, and has implicated these outcomes as an indication for acute repair.26 Distal biceps ruptures currently seem to be encountered more frequently then historically reported, possibly due to increased awareness, and most surgeons now recommend early repair to maintain supination and flexion strength and endurance.

Complete distal biceps ruptures have been classified chronologically, with acute tears being recognized within 4 weeks from rupture, while chronic repairs are diagnosed after 4 weeks. With chronic tears, the integrity of the lacertus fibrosis may play a role in the degree of retraction and therefore the reparability of the tendon rupture. More recently, partial tears of the distal biceps have been recognized, and are classified by location, either insertional or intrasubstance.710 Traditionally managed nonoperatively, some series have begun to elucidate the role of operative management of high-grade, symptomatic partial tears in certain patients.8


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