Triathlon and Duathlon

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Historically athletic competition is ripe with epic contests, performances, and events. We need look no further than our own backyard to find some of the most heroic and compelling efforts. The Ironman Triathlon has evolved its own mystique becoming synonymous with epic physical efforts and stunning athletic performances. Many of these efforts have been sensationalized by the press and media motivating spectators, endurance athletes, and others to join and aspire to the ranks of multisport endurance athletes. Supporting this growth is an ever expanding array of highly technical equipment including bicycles and components, shoes, clothing, and nutritional systems geared to support novice, experienced, and professional athletes in their pursuit of personal glory. Regrettably, this surge of interest and participation has come at the price of injury; many endurance sport participants, whether first timer, novice, recreational, or professional, have suffered from an injury serious enough to require modification of training, rest and/or medical attention.


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