Orthodigital Devices in Sports Medicine

  • Matthew B. Werd


Athletes who wear tight-fitting, limited volume shoe gear (soccer/football/baseball/cycling cleats, ballet/dance/aerobic shoes, skating/skiing boots, etc.), and also have digital deformities may benefit from an orthodigital device. An orthodigital device is a custom-made orthopedic appliance used to treat conditions of the digits that has been used successfully for decades [1–3]. These devices can be extremely useful for difficult-to-treat digital conditions in the athlete, which may not respond to traditional care using proper shoe gear and orthoses alone. Orthodigital devices can be used to relieve pressure, immobilize, and reposition the digits (Table 10.1). These devices can be used in place of athletic taping and padding for conditions which may require prolonged splinting.


Orthodigital devices in sports medicine Digital deformities Fabrication of orthodigital devices 


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