Developing Food Safety Goals and Measurements

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Part of the Food Microbiology and Food Safety book series (FMFS)

All meaningful progress begins with simple goal setting. For example, it may begin with the idea that we can do something better. We identify a condition that we want to improve or achieve and then we set a plan of action to get there. We measure along the way to monitor our progress and we readjust as necessary. There is no question about it; setting goals and measuring performance against those goals are critical components of the continuous improvement process.

But goals and measurements are not enough. It would be overly simplistic to think that by simply setting a goal or establishing a measurement system, things will automatically get better. Think about the many goals you have seen established – at work or at home – that have not been achieved. Why is that? Because goals and measurement systems in and of themselves are not enough to improve performance. Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? It’s a goal, but the resolution itself didn’t make things better or cause...

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