Unwrapping – Thoughts on the Future of Food Safety

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Most books typically end by wrapping-up or summarizing key thoughts and themes presented throughout the book. This would be a fitting way for me to end this book too. However, in contrast (and consistent with the theme of this book), I’m going to end or close this book by doing something a little less traditional. I’m going to end by “unwrapping” with key thoughts on the future of food safety.

You see, as food safety professionals, I do not believe we should be in the business of simply trying to predict the future or anticipate what the future might bring. I believe we should be more proactive. We should shape and influence the future, all in such a way that results in a safer food supply for consumers around the world.

The Way Forward?

Recent high profile outbreaks of foodborne disease in the United States (and elsewhere) have created political and professional pressure for additional food safety controls and management systems. Some say we need a single food safety agency. By them,...

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