Skull Base Tumors: Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy Perspective

  • René-Olivier Mirimanoff
  • Alessia Pica


Skull base tumors encompass a broad spectrum of different intracranial benign or malignant neoplasms with a great variety of histologies and locations. Taken together, they account for up to a third of all intracranial tumors. The most common types are represented by meningioma, pituitary adenoma, schwannoma of the acoustic nerve, craniopharyngioma, optic chiasm and optic nerve glioma, chordoma and chondrosarcoma, chemodectoma or paraganglioma, giant cell tumors, and carcinoma of the skull base. Some, like the meningioma, can involve almost any part of the anterior, middle, or posterior fossa, whereas others, like the chemodectoma, arise from welldefined anatomic structures such as, for example, the foramen jugulare. Surgery still remains the cornerstone in the management of most skull base tumors [1]. However, in spite of a better understanding of the natural behavior of these tumors, the great progress in anesthesiology, and the refinements in surgical techniques, a complete surgical removal is impossible in many instances or made at a price of considerable neurologic deficits. This is why noninvasive treatments, such as radiotherapy and in particular high-precision radiotherapy, that is, radiosurgery (RS), stereotactic fractionated radiotherapy (STRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and particle therapy, play an increasing role in the multidisciplinary management of most skull base tumors.


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