Industrial Applications of Thermal Spraying Technology

  • Pierre L. Fauchais
  • Joachim V. R. Heberlein
  • Maher I. Boulos


At its early stages of development, thermal spray technology was mostly used for the repair, rebuilding, retrofitting, and for surface protection against corrosion, erosion and wear. The wider acceptance of the technology for industrial-scale production has started in the late eighties and early nineties, with applications limited to high added-value components in the aeronautic and nuclear industry. Over the two past decades, a wide range of industrial-scale surface modification processes became available. The choice of a specific coating and/or thermal spray process, for a given service condition, depends, however, on the expectation of the user and the cost that could be tolerated for the application. This chapter presents the advantages and limitations of the different spray processes. Then the different coating applications are described, with coatings resistant to wear, corrosion and oxidation, providing thermal protection, clearance control, good bonding, electrical and electronic properties, free standing spray-formed parts, medical applications, replacement of hard chromium… potential applications. These applications are then presented according to the industrial users: aerospace, land-based turbines, automotive, electrical and electronic industries, corrosion applications for land-based and marine applications, medical engineering, ceramic and glass manufacturing, printing, pulp and paper, metal processing, petroleum and chemical industries, electrical utilities, textile and plastic, polymers, reclamation… The development of thermal sprayed coatings in the different countries is then discussed, the last part of the chapter being about the economic analysis of the different spray processes.

These are presently accepted for applications ranging from tribological and wear resistant applications including lubricity and low-friction surfaces, to resistance to corrosion and/or oxidation, thermal protection, freestanding components, electrical and optical components, electromagnetic shielding, electrical insulation, abradable seals, biomedical applications, superconducting oxides, components with coefficient of thermal expansion tailored to service conditions, magnetic coatings, solid oxide fuel cells, replacement of hard chromium, as well as ornamental applications.. This affected, in turn, the selection of the material to be applied for the coating, and the spray process to be used. The coating design process is often complicated, by the fact that in practice components are not always devoted to a single requirement such as wear or corrosion or electrical insulation or thermal insulation. In most cases, coatings must resist to different combined needs: for example, wear is often linked to corrosion.



Amorphous Calcium Phosphate


Atmospheric Plasma Spraying


Bioactive Glass


Basic Oxygen Furnace


Burner Rig Test


Acronym of each oxide deposits CaO, MgO, Al2O3, and SiO2


Carbon Nano-tubes


Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastics rolls


Composite surface of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel welded together


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


Corrosion and Wear


decibel Authorized


direct current




Diamond-Reinforced Composite


Electric Arc Furnace


Environmental Barrier Coating


Electron Beam-Physical Vapor Deposition




Electrolytic Hard Chrome


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy


Fe-based Alloy Coatings


Fluidized-Bed Combustor


Face Center Cubic


Functionally Graded


Functionally Graded Coating


Ce0.8 Gd0.2 O1.9


Gas Shroud


Hydroxyapatite Ca10 (PO4)6 (OH)2


HA Top coating


Hardness Brinell


Hard Chromium Coating


High-Energy Plasma Spray


Hot Isostatically Pressed


High-Pressure Acid-Leach


50 vol. % HA and 50 vol. % TiO2 (HT)


(HA)/HA + TiO2 bond coat composite


High-Velocity Air Flame


High-Velocity Liquid Fuel


High-Velocity Oxy-fuel Flame


High-Velocity Plasma Spray


High-Velocity Suspension Flame Spraying


International Annealed Copper Standard


Induction plasma spraying


La MgAl11O19




La0.6 Sr0.4 Co0.2 Fe0.8 O32-δ


Mole unit


Metal Matrix Composites


Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators


Net Thermal Spraying Residual Stress


Oxide-Dispersion Strengthened


Original Equipment Manufacturer


Polyamide 12


Progressive Abradability Hardness


Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition




Poly Ether Imide


Pulsed Gas Dynamic Spraying


Plasma Sprayed


Plasma-Sprayed-Plasma Vapor Deposition


Plasma-Transferred Arc


Physical Vapor Deposition


Quality Control


Radio Frequency


Rolling Contact Fatigue


Relative air Humidity


Simulated Body Fluid


Specific Energy Requirement


Super solidus Liquid Phase Sintering


Spark Plasma Sintering


Suspension Plasma Spraying


Solution Precursor Plasma Spraying


Stainless Steel


Sm0.5 Sr0.5 Co O3


Special Treatment Steel


Spot-Welded Stainless Steel


Thermal Barrier Coating


Thermal Cycling Fatigue


Thermo Chemical Heat Treatment


Tricalcium Phosphate


Temperature Coefficient of Resistance


Thin Film-Low Pressure Plasma Spraying


Thermally Grown Oxide


Thermal Shock Rig


Tetra-Calcium Phosphate


Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics


Vacuum Induction Plasma Spraying


Vacuum Plasma Spraying


Wire Arc


Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia


Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia


ZrO2–CaF2–Ag2O composite coating


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