Conceptualizing the Self-Nonself Discrimination by the Vertebrate Immune System

  • Melvin Cohn


A Preamble: In the end, biological phenomena are best understood in terms of evolution, which implies among other things, interactive selection on variants such that the selector and the selectee evolve as lineages [Hull et al. 2001]. The formulation of the concept should precede any attempt at modeling or simulation of any family of observations. The construction of a computer web around a random collection of facts is of marginal interest. Abstractions must be heuristic implying a testable output accompanied by a sharpening of the concept. This essay is an effort to conceptualize the most divisively discussed segment of immunology, namely, the Self-Nonself discrimination.


Ectopic Expression Developmental Time Associative Recognition Effector Class Thymic Epithelium 
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