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After the foundations, the next step in research methodology is the actual creative and innovative one. This central chapter of the book will now develop a new approach for ontology alignment based on the previous findings. In fact, this will be achieved through several elements. First, we will shape a general underlying process for alignment. Specific methods for each process step are then going to lead to a concise basic approach (Ehrig and Sure, 2004a). The modular composition makes it easy to follow the new ideas in this work. We will show that already existing approaches also fit this process very well. Furthermore, in later chapters different methods in the process are going to be substituted to better meet the previously identified requirements. An additional important section for proving the value of this work is a thorough evaluation. After we will have introduced the fundamentals of ontology alignment evaluation, we will directly evaluate the novel approach and show its strengths and weaknesses.


Sigmoid Function Alignment Process Correct Alignment Individual Similarity Reference Alignment 
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