Many Loci

  • Warren J. Ewens
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Our aim in this chapter is to outline certain properties of populations when it is assumed that the various characteristics, and in particular the fitness of any individual, depend on his genetic constitution at all loci in the genome. Although we often assume random mating and/or particular forms for various parameter values, since the analysis can be carried further when these assumptions are made, we also consider cases where no such assumptions are made. In particular we shall prove the fully general version of the Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection, where no assumption is made about the mating scheme, random or otherwise, about the fitness values, the number of loci that fitness depends on or the number of possible alleles at each locus. Thus we consider here both general and specific cases, and base our overall conclusions on the results deriving from both.


Linkage Disequilibrium Stable Equilibrium Random Mating Additive Genetic Variance Recombination Fraction 
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