Pump Laser Diodes and WDM Pumping

  • Shu Namiki
  • Naoki Tsukiji
  • Yoshihiro Emori
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 90/1)


This chapter discusses issues surrounding the pump laser diodes for broadband Raman amplifiers, which range from fundamentals to industry practices of Raman pump sources based on the so-called 14XX nm pump laser diodes. It also refers to design issues of wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) pumping for realizing a broad and flat Raman gain spectrum over the signal band. Section 5.1 introduces fundamentals of pump laser diodes. Section 5.2 refers to the principle and design issues of WDM pumping technique. Section 5.3 discusses details of pump laser diodes and their efficiently combining and depolarizing technologies. Section 5.4 describes practical Raman pump units. And Section 5.5 briefly touches upon ongoing issues on copumped Raman amplifiers and their pumping sources.


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