Accessorizing a CAT

  • Rod Mollise
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Before much real “work” can be done with a new Schmidt Cassegrain telescope, more accessories will be needed than just the paltry few that came in the box with the telescope. This has become especially true over the last decade. The world’s two SCT makers, Meade and Celestron, locked in a perpetual battle for the same few customers, have had to cut fat to keep telescope prices low and competitive as production costs have risen. They have done that by eliminating accessories much beyond a finder, a star diagonal, and a single eyepiece of sometimes indifferent quality. At a minimum, a new catadioptric telescope (CAT) owner is going to require at least a couple of good eyepieces, a dew shield, and a case in which to store and transport the telescope.

Must-Have Accessories


The good old days of amateur astronomy weren’t always so good. They weregood for SCT buyers in one way, however. Both Meade and Celestron shipped new telescopes with sturdy cases. These cases might be simple...


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