Making Friends with a CAT

  • Rod Mollise
Part of the Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)

Initial Telescope Assembly and Checkout

That wonderful, long-hoped-for day has arrived: The box containing a new catadioptric telescope (CAT) is on the doorstep. You are plenty excited. There is nothing like tearing into telescope boxes! Restrain yourself, however. The key to avoiding grief and confusion is being careful and methodical when unpacking, checking, and assembling a new telescope. Of course, you are anxious to get the new baby out under the stars and take “first light,” but the experience will be more enjoyable if you take time to thoroughly check the telescope indoors first.

Initial Inspection

The first task is to make sure the telescope has arrived undamaged. You might even consider asking the delivery person to wait while the boxes are opened and the contents are given at least a cursory examination. The average delivery driver may balk at this prospect, but if there are signs of serious mishandling, you should insist on the driver waiting.

What if the boxes aredamaged...


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