Taking Pictures with a CAT

  • Rod Mollise
Part of the Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)

Does a chapter on astrophotography, celestial picture taking, belong in a general interest/beginning book about SCTs? Yes, because it’s impossible to talk about Schmidt Cassegrains without discussing imaging. These telescopes were designed with picture taking in mind, and astrophotography is often a goal of prospective CAT owners. Of course, a single chapter is not nearly enough space for an in-depth discussion of imaging methods. An entire book the length of this one is needed. What I can do here is give a general overview of the imaging game and steer new CAT users to the type of gear needed—and the challenges that will be faced.

Astrophotography is not one thing, but many things. Some amateurs spend their time capturing the Moon and planets, some focus on wide-field vistas, and others concentrate on detailed portraits of individual deep sky objects. Amateurs engaged in these different branches of astrophotography don’t just shoot different objects; they typically use very different...


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