Remote Operations of an Accelerator Using the Grid

  • M. Prica
  • R. Pugliese
  • C. Scafuri
  • L. Del Cano
  • F. Asnicar
  • A. Curri
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GRIDCC [7] is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission. Its goal is integrating instruments and sensors with Grid computing and storage resources. Its middleware is being designed bearing in mind use cases from a very diverse set of applications and, as a result, the GRIDCC architecture provides access to the instruments in as generic a way as possible. GRIDCC is also developing an adaptable user interface and a mechanism for executing complex workflows in order to increase both the usability and the usefulness of the system. The new middleware is incorporated into a few significant applications that will allow software validation in terms of functionality and quality of service. The pilot application this chapter focuses on is applying GRIDCC to support remote operations of the ELETTRA synchrotron radiation facility. We describe the results of implementing complex GRIDCC workflows involved in both routine operations and troubleshooting scenarios. In particular, the implementation of an orbit correction feedback shows the level of integration of instruments and traditional Grid resources that can be reached using the GRIDCC middleware.


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  • R. Pugliese
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  • C. Scafuri
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  • L. Del Cano
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  • F. Asnicar
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  • A. Curri
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