Association Semantics

Dealing with the Subtleties, Inconsistencies, and Ambiguities
  • Bryon K. EhlmannEmail author
Part of the Advances in Database Systems book series (ADBS, volume 39)

ORN allows database developers to better document association semantics during system analysis and design and thus recognize and address semantic subtleties. These subtleties can lead to associations and combinations of associations that may be mathematically inconsistent or ambiguous. With a modeling tool, like the ORN Simulator, association semantics can be fine-tuned and any inconsistencies or potential ambiguities can be detected by database developers with experimentation and by the tool itself. Thus developers need not design, code, and test complex code and/or triggers before flaws in associations are detected. And of course with ORN, once association semantics have been confirmed with modeling, they can be easily mapped to an ORN-extended DDL and automatically maintained by the DBMS.


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