Object Relater Plus (OR+)

An ORN-Extended Object DBMS
  • Bryon K. EhlmannEmail author
Part of the Advances in Database Systems book series (ADBS, volume 39)

Object Relater Plus (OR+) adds ORN to ObjectStore (Progress 2006) but does so via two new languages, the Object Database Definition Language (ODDL) and the Object Database Manipulation Language (ODML). These languages extend and imitate an ODMG standard for object databases (Cattel et al. 2000, 1997). Adding ORN to ObjectStore increases the productivity of developing object database systems and improves data integrity in these systems. Implementation is easier as database models more directly map to the required ODDL statements of OR+. More specifically, relationships can be defined with the multiplicities and bindings that are defined in UML class diagrams. These multiplicities and bindings are automatically enforced by the database system as database changes are made using ODML.


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